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Forum Thread - remedy to rectify besan ladoo consistency

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megha, on 25/8/2012 07:58pm

hi.... i have prepared besan ladoo mixture for the first time and realized the consistency is quite liquid, can't form ladoos of them.....

please suggest how to rectify the problem

Mamta, on 26/8/2012 07:18am

You must have put too much ghee.

1.It may solidify when cold and more managable.

2. Pan fry/roast some more besan, without the ghee, and add it to the mix. You may need to add some more sugar, depending upon how sweet you like them.

Julia, on 27/10/2015 07:51am

Keep the mixture in fridge for 20 to 30 min. Then the mixture with too much ghee will not create problem in forming ladoo.

Mojitha K, on 27/3/2018 09:21pm

I faced a similar problem.. refrigerating it solved it for me. Or else try adding dry roasted besan into the mixture. Make sure to mix it well.

Tanuja, on 8/7/2018 01:12pm

Hi I also face the same problem bt I was able to make ladoo somehow bt ladoo s having too much ghee so can I put ladoo on fridge??

Mamta, on 8/7/2018 05:52pm

You can put laddoos in the fridge and they will solidify, or rather ghee will solidify. But they will be a bit sickly with too much ghee. Personally, I would add some more roasted besan, and a little more sugar, if essential.

(unknown), on 23/10/2019 04:53pm

Can mix roasted besan hot or first we need to cool it first???

Mamta, on 24/10/2019 05:35am

I would mix it hot, it will probably mix better. This is only a guess.

Come back and tell us if it works and exactly what solved it for you. It might help someone else facing the same dilemma.


(unknown), on 24/10/2019 05:09pm


I roasted besan properly still it is sticking

How do I rectify it?

I added sugar

Can I again roast it again?

Plz guide

(unknown), on 25/10/2019 11:32pm

Refrigerate for 20 minutes , and this helps!!

(unknown), on 26/10/2019 08:17am

Made besan ladoos and while eating it sticks to the upper part of the mouth. Hhow can I rectify it...I guess it is not fried properly...tell me the remedy

(unknown), on 28/10/2019 05:15pm

Hi.. I made besan ladoo and looks but like didn’t put emough ghee. So its not making a laddoo. Can I put more ghee and toast it again. I already put sugar on it. Thanks

Mamta, on 29/10/2019 09:53am

Well, you can try; heat the measured amount of ghee and add it to your mix and see what happens. It might work.

It is always worth taking a little extra time and measure up everything correctly, saves a lot of bother later on. Even Halwaies who make sweets every day, measure amounts


Sonam, on 12/3/2020 06:35am

After making the Basin LADDU I put in the fridge over night after that it is hard as a rock. Can u pls advise what to do

Mamta, on 12/3/2020 05:50pm

The ghee will become solid in the fridge, making them hard. Leave them out if the fridge, they should soften. Also, try zapping one laddoo in microwave oven, on full power, for 10 seconds. See if that works.


Panzy, on 22/3/2020 06:28pm


I tried making bessan barfi

As soon. As I added the sugar syrup, the bessan became crybaby and dry . It does not bind at all. It is like dry atta, tastes good though. What is wrong? Should I add some water or ghee? I think something was wrong with sugar syrup. I was one string consistency.


Mamta, on 22/3/2020 09:35pm

Hello Panzy

This is how I make my besan burfi:

Check it out what you did differently.


Ashima, on 17/4/2020 08:07pm

I made besan barfi.. Added one taar sugar syrup.. But besan became thick and was not able to mix well.. I tasted it.. It tastes bit sour.. What can be the reason.. Can I fix this or not??

Mamta, on 18/4/2020 06:21am

Hello Ashima

Sweets that are made with syrups are difficult to rectify once they have gone wrong.

1. One wire consistency should work, unless the amount of syrup was incorrect.

2. I don't understand why besan/sugar/ghee mix become sour. There is o souring agent in it, so where is the sourness coming from is a mystery to me.

3. With burfies and laddoos, the amounts of ingredients and consistency of syrup are very important. Syrup quickly moves onto the next stage; it will become 'two wire' from 'one wire' if heating is not discontinued immediately.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that sweets like this, laddoos/burfies/paks, that require sugar syrup of a certain consistency, are difficult to rectify once they have been cooked beyond their setting point.


Heena , on 19/4/2020 05:38am

Hello mam, My besan ladoo mixture was proper. But after it became cool I added powder sugar and then the mixture became sticky and looes. I can't make ladoo from it.

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