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Jacket Potatoes in a Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)

Jacket Potatoes in a Slow Cooker

Mamta Gupta

Making Jacket Potatoes in a slow cooker is very easy. The skin may not be as crisp as it is when they are cooked in an oven, but they taste lovely and meaty. To make the skin crisp, they can be put under a preheated grill for a few minutes, turning frequently.

Jacket potatoes cooked in a slow cooker have a ‘meaty’, different, lovely flavour. They can be served with any western style meal or on their own, with a Toppings/Filling of choice. Here I have cooked only two, using my small slow cooker. Make one large potato per person when cooking for more people. It is worth making more than you need, the extra ones can be used to make a Potato Salad 1 or Potato Salad 2 or any one of the potato bhajies on this site.

I use King Edward Potatoes, but any large potatoes can be used, like Maris Piper, Desiree, Vivaldi or Melody.

Jacket potatoes are similar to the roast potatoes that were cooked in India in the dying ambers of a ‘Chulha’ fire. Chulha is a three sided wiid burning stove.

Edited February 2020


  • 2 large potatoes suitable for baking (Russet, King Edward, Maris Piper, Desiree)

  • 1 tsp. oil, I use olive oil

  • A little salt to sprinkle on top. I used rock salt.


  1. Put the slow cooker on medium.

  2. Scrub potatoes clean. Remove any bad bits.

  3. Make a few stabs into each potato, using anything sharp like a skewer or a fork or a pointed knife.

  4. Rub oil onto the surface of potatoes and then sprinkle some salt all over.

  5. Make a few balls of aluminium foil and put them at the base of the slow cooker.

  6. Rest the potatoes on top of the foil balls. You can use a 'trivet' instead, if you have one.

  7. Put the cooker on ‘high’ for an hour or so.

  8. Then turn it down to Hot or Cook for 2-3 hours. If they are ready before you need them, turn the cooker down to low and leave them for another 2-3 hours or so.

  9. The skin shrivels slightly when they are done. To check, press gently with a finger to see if they feel cooked and soft inside. Undersurface often turns brown and crisp. When serving, keep this side up.

  10. To serve, Place potato flat on a plate. Slash a cross on top, with 2 cuts across each other, going down about 1/3rd of the way down from the top. Squeeze it gently inwards, so that the opening 'gapes' a little.

  11. Spoon the filling of choice, like sour cream or butter on top, it will start to melt immediately and seep in. Alternatively, serve with any of the fillings suggested here; Jacket potatoes and filling ideas. Serve piping hot with a mixed salad or baked beans or peas.


  • You may get a more dry, oven type of skin on your potatoes, if you did not oil them. It is worth a try. I will, next time.

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