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Chillies in Yoghurt (Chillies Pickled in Curd)

Majjiga Mirapa (Dahi Mirch Sookhi)

Shalini Mahajan


Curd chillies are hot green chillies that have been soaked in yogurt and dried. Because of the soaking, most of the heat dissipates. Frying them before serving reduces the heat even further. We had them in Kerala recently with Curd Rice and they tasted sooo good. I even bought some to bring back with me. They can be bought readymade or if you don't find them you can make them using the recipe below. This is a South Indian dish.


  • 1 kg. of hot green chillies (small)

  • 5 tsp. salt

  • 2 cups of very sour curd/yoghurt/dahi

  • 1 cup fresh tamarind puree/pulp*

  • * Tamarind puree can be bought in jars from Oriental, Asian grocers. It is much better than the dark coloured tamarind concentrate usually found in Indian stores, it is just tamarind pulp with fibrous bits removed.


  1. Place chillies in a bowl and add all other ingredients. Mix well.

  2. Leave it for one week, stirring well once a day.

  3. Then dry completely in hot sun or oven. Store.

  4. Deep fry before serving.

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