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Garlic, Garlic Greens and Green Chilli Pickle

Mirch aur Lahsun ka Achar

Vinodini Rastogi


Note from Mamta: Late Mrs. Vinodini Rastogi was my sister in-law's mum, who was an excellent cook, well known in her circle for her culinary skills. This delicious pickle is her family recipe, perhaps coming down a couple of generations. It is for people who grow their own garlic or have access to fresh green garlic, including the garlic greens. Makes one jam jar full.


  • 150 gm. fresh garlic cloves. Pull garlic out of the soil when green leaves are tender like spring onions, and garlic bulbs are not very big. If you do not have green garlic, use fresh garlic and garlic chives.

  • 50 gm. garlic green or garlic chives

  • 50 gm. green chillies (less if you want it mild)

  • 20 gm. amchoor (dried, green mango powder). You can also use Kokum powder or Anardana (pomegranate) powder.

  • 25 gm. salt (to taste)

  • 2 tbsp. mustard oil*

  • *Mustard oil should always be heated to smoking point first and allowed to cool completely, before adding it to the pickle.


  1. Peel and wash garlic cloves.

  2. Clean and wash garlic greens/chive.

  3. De-stalk and wash green chillies.

  4. Place garlic, chillies and chives on a towel for a few hours in the sun. A conservatory or a window sill is a good place in cold countries. This will dry out the water from the garlic and chilli. If any water is leftover in it, the pickle is likely to go off very quickly.

  5. Chop up garlic, chillies and greens separately in a food processor, they take different times to chop up. They should not be too fine and retain a rough texture.

  6. Place in a bowl and add salt, turmeric , amchoor powder and oil.

  7. Mix well and spread out on a plate. Leave out on a sunny windowsill or in a conservatory, for a few hours again.

  8. Transfer to a clean glass jar. Tie a piece of cloth/old handkerchief on top, using a rubber band.

  9. Leave again on a sunny window sill, for a few hours more.

  10. Remove cloth and replace with a screw top lid.

  11. This pickle will last for more than one year.


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