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Spicy Fruit Juice, Indian Style

Phal ka Ras Masaledar,Taja

Mamta Gupta

Indians often drink their fruit juices spiced. It is quite a refreshing way to drink fruit juices. In India, many street hawkers sell it, which is not really the safest place to drink it because the juicer is frequently washed with tap water at best and the juice may even be diluted with this water. It may give you a "Delhi Belly"! Standards are however improving, specially in big cities, in posh bars.

It is quite simple to make at home. Type and quantities of fruits used depends on what you have and how many people you are serving. You can add as many or as few varieties as you wish. You can use even a single fruit. The ingredients below are only guidelines. Here I have used a blender, but if you have a special juicer, use that. I find it too cumbersome and it (juicer) lives in my kitchen cupboard mostly!


  • Use one or more of the following fruits

  • Banana, peeled and sliced roughly

  • Fresh pineapple, chopped

  • Guava flesh, seeds removed

  • Pear, peeled and chopped

  • Peach

  • Nectarine

  • Orange or grapefruit flesh, seeds removed

  • Water melon flesh, seeds removed

  • Other ingredients

  • 1/2 tsp. per person/glass Chat Masala. Chat masala is also available from all Indian stores.

  • If you can't get chaat masala, use freshly ground black pepper, salt, a little garam masala and fresh lemon juice to taste.

  • 1/4 tsp. salt per helping or to taste (black or rock salt is better).

  • A few mint leaves, if wanted


  1. Place everything in a blender and blend for 10- 15 seconds, until all fruits are pulverised.

  2. Strain if necessary, this should not be necessary if you have peeled the fruits and removed seeds.

  3. If it is too thick, dilute with water or a fruit juice like orange or with lemonade. If you dilute with water, you may need to add some sugar.

  4. Adjust seasoning.

  5. Serve chilled in tall glasses.

  6. Optional

  7. A couple of mint leaves per glass, placed on top of the juice.

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