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Coriander, Mint, Mango/Apple Green Chutney (Chatni)

Aam ya Sev/Phal ki Hari Chatni Dhania-Pudina-Chatni

Mamta Gupta

This is a popular North Indian chutney, that is made in almost every Indian home. It is eaten with all kinds of savoury Indian snacks such as Samosas, Pakoras, Aloo Tikki and more. It is also served with main meals, especially lunch. It is generally made very chilli hot as only a small quantity is eaten at a time. When either mint or the coriander leaves are not available together, it can be made with one of these also.

The word Chutney is an English version of the Hindi word chatni/chutni, which in turn comes from the word 'chatna', meaning 'to lick'. The Indian chatni is a mix of uncooked fruit (raw mango/apple/other fruits), green chillies, herbs like coriander and mint, a few spices, lemon or vinegar or tamarind, sometimes sugar, all ground together to make a paste. In England, and the West, chutney generally means a spicy preserve/condiment, where fruits or vegetables have been cooked in vinegar, with spices and sugar, and then bottled.

This Chutney can be frozen in small, salad dressing/ketchup plastic bottles or airtight tubs or jars.

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  • 1 large bunch of coriander leaves

  • 1 small bunch of fresh mint leaves

  • 4-5 green chillies (to taste)

  • 1 green, raw, mango (not ripe)/a sharp apple/flesh of 1 lemon/orange*.

  • Salt to taste (a bit of black salt gives a better flavour)

  • 1 tsp. of dry roasted cumin seeds/powder

  • Optional: 1 tsp. sugar (for 'khatta-meetha' sweet and sour taste, popular in my parents house

  • Optional: A small piece of ginger

  • Note This chutney can be made with either mint leaves or coriander leaves on their own too.


  1. Wash & chop coriander & mint leaves. Keep tender stalks.

  2. Wash green chillies and remove stalks.

  3. Remove rind and seeds of the lemon/orange and roughly chop the flesh. Bottled lemon juice can be used.

  4. Peel and roughly chop green mango, discarding the stone and skin. If using apple, core and chop it.

  5. Put all ingredients in a liquidizer or blender and blitz to a paste. You may need to add a little water. The consistency should be like Tomato Ketchup. I sometimes add more lemon juice, if it is not sharp enough already.

  6. Adjust salt, chillies and tartness to taste and add sugar, if you like a slightly sweet and sour taste.

  7. Serve with snacks.


  • *I often add fruits other than green mango/apple to this chutney, such as peach, plum and orange, especially if I have some that are beginning to look too stale to eat.

  • A couple of teaspoons of this chatni mixed with fresh yoghurt, makes a delicious Raita. Adjust salt.

  • It is delicious as a salad dressing on sliced onions or any other mixed salad.

  • Try it with roast lamb, in place of mint sauce, it is delicious!

  • Mango size varies. If you have a large raw mango, you may not need to add the lemon

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