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Sesame Seed Laddoo Sweet Balls

Til aur Khoa Laddoo

Mamta Gupta

Til laddoo can be made and stored in airtight box for a few weeks, longer in a fridge but should be served at room temperature. Makes 20-25


  • 250 gm. skinless sesame seeds

  • 250 gm. Khoya or Mawa 1 / Khoya or Mawa 2.

  • or khoa or mawa (milk condensed until it becomes solid). It can be bought from large Indian stores or Indian sweet shops as a block.

  • 300 gm. castor or ground sugar


  1. Measure all ingredients and keep aside.

  2. Dry fry sesame seeds in a frying pan until lightly browned and there is a distinct aroma of sesame oil.

  3. Cool, grind coarsely and keep aside.

  4. Fry khoya in a wok or pan until it changes colour to pink…ish. Turn heat off.

  5. Cool a little and add sesame seeds and sugar. Wait until the mix is cool enough to handle but not cold.

  6. Take approximately 1-2 tbs. of the prepared mix at a time in your hand and squeeze/roll it firmly between the palm and fingers, to make it into a small but firm ball. Squeezing is necessary to make the laddoo compact enough to hold together. Continue until all laddoos are made.

  7. Place on a tray until completely cool.

  8. Store in an air tight boxes.

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