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RecipeLast Updated
Matra Chaat-Spicy And Mushy White or Field Peas 5th December, 2022
Mooli Radish and Leaves Bhujji/Bhaji/Sabji 1 5th December, 2022
Keema Mince Meat and Peas Curry 4th December, 2022
Smoked Mackerel Flan (Quiche) 4th December, 2022
Apple And Carrot Salad 4th December, 2022
Amaranth Leaves Bhaji/Sabji  4th December, 2022
Amaranth Seed Sweet Balls (Laddoo) or Burfi (Squares) 4th December, 2022
Almond Burfi 1 (Traditional) 4th December, 2022
Arvi or Colocasia Masala Bhaji/Sabji 4th December, 2022
Apricot Milk Pudding 4th December, 2022
Filo Pastry Parcels with an Indian Twist4th December, 2022
Alu Tikki or Potato Chop or Cutlet or Vegeburger With Paneer Cheese (Street Food) - 3, Geeta' 3rd December, 2022
Pizza 5, Mamta's 10 Minute Naan or Pitta Bread or Corn Bread or Khobez Bread Base Pizza 2nd December, 2022
Apple and Walnut Spicy Chutney 2nd December, 2022
Aloe Vera Bhaji/Sabji 30th November, 2022
Apple (or Other Fruit) Chutney, My Father’s  30th November, 2022
Amla Indian Gooseberry Sweet and Sour Pickle Style Bhaji/Sabji 29th November, 2022
Onion Salad in Vinegar (Pickled Onions) - Indian Home Style 28th November, 2022
Beetroot Burgers or Cutlets 27th November, 2022
Beetroot and Creamed Horseradish Salad 26th November, 2022

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