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usha, on 12/6/2008 03:00am

hi mamta,

last week we got the frozen kachoris and had them. i tried your version of Moong Dal Kachauri/Kachori and they came out very well. thanks for that. can we freeze the kachoris and have it as and when we long? how do we freeze? how long can we do that?



Mamta, on 12/6/2008 05:40am

Hello Usha

You are making my mouth water first thing in the morning! Kachauries can be frozen in an airtight container. I would slightly under cook them for freezing. Then defrost and refry them before serving. Hope this helps :-).


usha, on 12/6/2008 07:54pm

thanks mamta. can we freeze them uncooked after pressing like we do for parathas? i usually freeze parathas keeping them between wax papers.


Mamta, on 12/6/2008 08:19pm

I haven't tried freezing them uncooked, but samosas freeze uncooked quite well. So i guess they will freeze too. Try a couple first.


Mamta, on 1/1/2015 08:42pm

Well guest, I am sure they will be fine for 4-5 days, people in India do keep them in dabbas/tiffin boxes for a few days. I wouldn't recommend keeping them unrefrigerated/unfrozen longer than that.

Rajneesh, on 3/1/2015 12:35pm

Wow kachoris, i am drooling now. I have frozen raw samosas, it has to be defrosted completely before frying to give a better result.

Kavey, on 9/1/2015 03:28pm

I'm so sorry Sid, I don't know why that is happening.

It may be worth clearing your browser cookies for Mamta's Kitchen and trying again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sid, on 9/1/2015 11:12pm

Guest wasn't me that time LOL. Everything works fine for me now!! Incidentally, when I had an issue the other night with the message showing up as blank, I had copied and pasted my first message because I was working in a text document at the time so it was easier. Could that have caused the forum to detect my message as potential spam?

Mamta, on 10/1/2015 02:39am

That last guest was me :(. I was posting from my tablet from India, not my usual desk-top. I have filled subject and user name this time too, and I am logged in. Lets see if it works!


Kavey, on 10/1/2015 07:41am

Haa, Sid, Ma, you're both fine now at least!!!

Rajneesh, on 10/1/2015 12:21pm

Wow in Roorkee, any food or restaurant you tried in roorkee?. You travel a lot Mamta (whereas I can't afford to travel too much LOL)

Rohit, on 20/9/2015 01:24pm

Hi Mamta,

can we freeze bhaturas and pakoris. cooked and pre cooked (bater) or semi cooked

Mamta, on 20/9/2015 07:57pm

Pakories, definitely; you slightly under-cook them, defrost them and either fry before serving or heat in a hot oven.

Bhaturas are not the same frozen as they are fresh. Fry them, cool them completely and then freeze them. If you can put a piece of foil or wax paper between each, they will not stick. You can re-heat them under a grill or on a tava/griddle. Microwave makes them chewy.

Priya, on 18/2/2019 10:40pm

How long do you recommend I can store cooked bhaturas by freezing?

Mamta, on 19/2/2019 09:10am

I wouldn't freeze it for more than 3-4 months generally. Make sure it is nicely double wrapped in foil and then perhaps in a cling film wrap. I am trying to cut down on my plastic use drastically, so probably not use cling film now, just two layers of foil, tightly wrapped and then placed in a container..

Rishika , on 11/12/2020 01:25am

Hi Mamta, can I refrigerate semi fried Kachories for a night and full fry them in the morning while serving

Rishika, on 11/12/2020 01:27am

Also, my Kachories are pyaar and aloo Kachori not daal so can I refrigerate for a night

, on 11/12/2020 01:16pm

Hello Rishika

I have not frozen Pyaz and Alu kachauries but I freeze Pyaz and Aloo Parathas regularly. Then take out and pan fry one or two, as needed.

I would spread them out on a towel, cover them with another kitchen towel and allow them to cook completely. Then freeze/ refrigerate them in a box. If your layer stack them when hot and then refrigerate them, they are likely to stick to each other.

See the last picture here:


Ingrid Frank, on 6/11/2021 11:44pm

Hello, I bought a large bag of dry kachori and for the first time I am unable to bite into them. Previous bags had kachori that were crispy but these are hard as rocks. Is there some way to soften them? Would steaming work? I tried 10 seconds in my microwave but it didn’t do anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The brand is one I’ve purchased before so I was surprised.

Thanks very much.

Mamta, on 7/11/2021 06:38pm

Hello Ingrid

If they are that hard, they are probably old and totally dehydrated or else they have been over cooked. Couldn't you take them back and ask for the shop owner to try one?

I would be wary of eating them, in case they are very old.

Thinking off the top of my head, if they are not out of date and taste okay, you could grind them and eat the ground kachories as toast topping or as a sprinkle on yoghurt.

Personally, I would be inclined to discard them.


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