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Forum Thread - Keeping Chapatties soft?

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Guria, on 4/9/2012 09:16am

i like your tikka reciepy to much

Mamta, on 4/9/2012 09:27am

Thanks. Which Tikka?

Payal, on 23/10/2012 11:19am

Keeping rotis soft after reheating is hard to achieve but not impossible.I love fresh rotis but you can't always have them when you're at work.The dough should be kneaded with some oil.Also as soon as you make the rotis, just when some steam is released, wrap them quickly in glad wrap or cling film to trap most of the steam.Putting some ghee on rotis also helps but not necessary.And when you need to reheat them, do not remove the rotis from the cling film.Heat them in 1100w microwave, for about 30-40 seconds for 3 folded rotis for eg.Then let it cool down still wrapped in the cling film till its cool enough to handle.Now when you open the cling film, the rotis will be much softer and won't get hard even after they are allowed to stand for a few minutes or so.Hope this helps.

Lavanya, on 30/10/2012 02:09pm

Hi mamta, can u pls tell me whether I should use milk and water together to make the dough or, only milk with butter. This quite interesting , I have been trying to understand this secret as I get chappathis from a Gujarati lady , which very soft for a week. Pls help.

Mamta, on 12/11/2012 07:17am

Gujarati friends that I have, add some oil to their dough, which helps to keep roties soft.

I make mine without oil in the dough, do not butter them and make my dough quite soft. I stack them as I make them, not spread them out. Then I place enough for us for a meal, say 5-6, in a plastic, zip-lock type of sandwich bag, leaving the end open (ajar) until all steam has escaped and roties are cool. I then seal the bags and put them in fridge or freezer, depending on when I need them. I don't make many for the freezer/fridge these days though, only when I have many left over or I am anticipating lack of time.

I defrost them and heat them on a tava/frying pan. They come out almost as good as fresh.

Sherry, on 28/5/2013 11:43am

Hi friends,

I stay in Germany and pack paratha s for lunch for my husband. But they tend to become dry by the lunch time and which in turns comes back home :( my husband also does not like microwave cooking so he even does not warms up the food in office.

Pls suggest some techniques to keep the paratha soft n moist for the lunch box.

Hope to get some responses.


Mamta, on 29/5/2013 08:02am

Hello Sherry

Have you thought of adding a little mashed potato to the dough? That will keep them soft. You can even use re-constituted dry mash potato powder, to save time. Alternatively, you can make Alu Paratha or other stuffed paratha, using leftover vegetable, mashed, from previous night. They will all keep soft. Cool them completely and the n wrap them in a foil, they will be fine.

Microwave oven is fine for heating, if he uses it properly. Too long, and his paratha will become leathery. He just has to heat it for 30 seconds or so on full. Cold parathas can't be very tasty!

He is lucky to have a wife who makes him parathas for packed lunch every day :-)!

rashi, on 3/4/2014 01:35am

I freeze the cooked chapati but when I took out for thawing in microwave it gets crispy.What should I do for soft chapati ?

Mamta, on 3/4/2014 07:46am

Microwave is absolutely the wrong thing to re-heat and kind of bread. Try it with re-heating freshly made chapatties, they will also get leather like. They should be re-heated on a tava/pan or quickly under a hot grill.

Trish, on 21/8/2014 05:12pm

I have some frozen roti skin/dough how do I used them to make roti

Mamta, on 22/8/2014 02:02pm

Defrost it completely, give it a quick knead to soften it and make chapatties in the normal way. It should be okay, as long as it is not too old.

neha verma, on 9/7/2015 03:24pm

Hello, to keep rotis soft knead the dough using milk and water and store them in a cassarole. This way your rotis or parathas will remain soft.

Mamta, on 9/7/2015 06:55pm

Milk is not used for making everyday roties/chapatties, only parathas and poories.

Poorna, on 2/9/2015 11:09am

What I do that works for me is -

Put the stack of chapathis/Rotis on a flat microwavable plate. Take little water in a small microwavable cup and keep the cup on top of chapathis. Now microwave the whole setup for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Rotis will come out hot and soft like fresh ones.

Mamta, on 2/9/2015 11:21am

Interesting! Do you cover the chapatties Poorna?

Poorna, on 3/9/2015 09:00am

I have not tried covering with a lid. You can try covering with a lid and see the results and let me know what you think.

Mamta, on 3/9/2015 10:47am

Thanks Poorna. I don't very often heat chapatties in a microwave, preferring to freshen them on a tava, but I will certainly keep it in mind next time I have any leftover chapatties to heat :)

Jannat, on 27/6/2016 11:19am

i want to preserve roti/chappati with milk mixture ,how long can i preserve them in the freezer or refrigerator? i will use it for business thats why i need to make bulk. thank you

Mamta, on 5/7/2016 09:20am

Sorry for the late reply, have been busy!

I know that my mum and GM used to add milk to dough when making poories/parathas for a journey, so that they will last longer. But I am not sure I can tell you how long they will last and prove it scientifically if this is correct.

I think that you will need to check what is allowed legally, if you are going to sell them. Check with the Environmental Health department at your local council. They will be able to advice you whether this mix is suitable/permissible.

Also, if you are selling food, your kitchen will need to be inspected and passed by the local council. You can get into trouble, if you don't do this.

Komal, on 18/7/2016 07:48am

Sprinkle little water on both sides of cooked chapathi and preheat in microwave for 30 seconds

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