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Ravi, on 2/4/2006 01:23pm


I live in Sheffield and dont know where I can buy ready made boondi for raita :( All the boondi I brought from home is over now. Can I buy it somwhere in UK (preferably online)? Would be grateful for any help...

Mamta, on 2/4/2006 03:25pm

Where do you live Ravi? In UK, most Indian grocers stock boondies, they are sold in packets. If you can't find any, they are not so hard to make;


AskCy, on 4/4/2006 03:52pm

boondi ? in riata...?

isn't that the yoghurt and mint side dish? (sometimes has cucumber, sometimes onion, etc)

what is/are boondi (its not often I've never heard of something, but in this case I'm stumped)

Mamta, on 4/4/2006 03:57pm

There are hundreds of raitas Steven, take a look here just to see a few options!

This will tell you what Boondies are; .


AskCy, on 4/4/2006 05:21pm

ah thanks for that..they seem like pakoras with nothing in them ?

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