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Brian, on 17/3/2006 04:47pm

Dear Mamta,

This one may be a little difficult, but then you haven't let me down before.

I go ferreting every month or so and end up with quite a few rabbits. What I'd like to know is has anybody got some nice recipes for Curried Rabbit?

Here's hoping I get a big response.



AskCy, on 17/3/2006 06:33pm

Rabbit is very similar to Chicken in taste and texture so substitute rabbit in any of the chicken dishes listed....

Mamta, on 18/3/2006 10:27am

Steven AskCy is right. You can use any of the chicken recipes from this site, including tandoori chicken. I have not cooked rabbit before, as far as my memory serves me. If your dish comes okay, let me know, with a nice digital picture


Phil, on 18/3/2006 03:45pm

I agree with the comments about substituting rabbit for chicken.

The main thing with rabbit, in my experience, is not to overcook it, or it goes all stringy. There are also rather a lot of small bones, but that would be offset by the pleasure of cooking something you've caught yourself. I wouldn't mind having a go at shooting a few rabbits out here in the sticks in the south of France, but my wife says a gun in the house is unthinkable. Shame, since we also have pheasants and partridges here, not to mention wild boar.

Brian, on 19/3/2006 07:37am


Get yourself a couple of ferrets and some nets, you don't need a gun. It's a wonderful way to enjoy a bright, crisp morning.

Phil, on 19/3/2006 03:33pm


Do you wring their necks?

Apologies to vegetarians who might find this a bit gruesome.


Brian, on 19/3/2006 07:50pm


Sort of, I just grasp between their head and shoulders and whilst pulling down pull sharply back. All over very quickly. I think you should remove this after a certain length of time Mamta as I don't want to offend anyone.

Kavey, on 21/3/2006 04:55pm

I adore rabbit and enjoy it particularly in Italian cuisine though I have never cooked it myself nor eaten it in Indian cuisine.

My sister-in-law reared rabbits (for the table) in her backgarden for a few years, but I don't think she does anymore. She'd occasionally also serve up one passed on to her by hunter friends but the mouthfuls of leadshot are extremely offputting.

I can't see why rabbit wouldn't work in Indian dishes... it's a wonderful meat.

AskCy, on 22/3/2006 06:40pm

I've only had rabbit in a Maltese style dish (probably very very similar to Italian)

Phil, on 23/3/2006 04:57pm

Some English friends who live on Crete told us this story about rabbits:

English friends of theirs, who live on Crete, had some Greek friends visit them recently. The Greeks arrived with a live rabbit as a gift. The English couple, assuming that it was intended as a pet, rather than for the pot, replied 'That's very kind, but no thanks: we have cats'.

The Greeks went off thinking that these mad English people ate cats.

A clear case of differing cultural assumptions.


AskCy, on 23/3/2006 07:44pm

maybe they should have PAWSed for a moment before saying its PURRfect.. thank you

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