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Kim, on 18/3/2022 12:20pm

I'm searching for a particular Dhal recipe, can anyone help?

There used to be an Indian restaurant near me that created the most wonderful dhal. It had the usual Dhal notes but it also had an incredibly powerful savoury flavour. That restaurant closed a few years ago and I have been trying to find/recreate that Dhal ever since.

I've tried over 40 different Dhal recipes (including a variety of tadka's, methi, yellow, curry leaf, red, makhani, garlic, mah ki) and a range of lentils (mung, chana, red, tuvar, urud, split pea) but nothing comes close to that flavour. The closest I have come is with fenugreek (methi dhal), but that only hinted at the flavour, it was nowhere near as good.

Can anyone suggest other Dhal recipes I could try?


Mamta, on 18/3/2022 03:23pm

Could it be a spicy south Indian Sambhar dal recipe I wonder?

Try this; Sambhar South Indian Spicy Lentils

Kim, on 19/3/2022 09:49am

Hmm, interesting, this is one I have not tried.

Looking at the recipe it doesn't sound right, I don't remember any tamarind type tang for example, but I shall give it a go as it is different to other recipes I have tried. I will let you know!


Mamta, on 19/3/2022 12:06pm

It may be a different type of Dal they cooked. There are so many dals we Indians cook, all taste different.

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