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Zosh, on 16/8/2021 08:39am

Hi Mamta, how are you ?? Can you offer some advice please? I have 6 lemons that have been zested and juiced. Would like to make LP with the hulls that are left. Do you think it will work? Maybe adding some extra lemon juice to start the process off? What do you think


Mamta, on 18/8/2021 09:52pm

Hello Zosh

It will definitely work. My late father used to do this all the time when I was growing up in India. He would have a jar on a windowsill or in our courtyard almost permanently. Every time anyone squeezed a lemon, and we went through a lot making lemon drinks and dressings etc., the skin would go in the jar, along with a sprinkle of rock salt. Eventually the jar would fill up and he would leave it to 'ripen' for a few months.

So go for it and start your lemon pickle. If you use few lemons, make it in a small jar, so it fills up fast.


Martin, on 28/8/2021 08:37pm

If you want to 'up' the lemon side you can buy Lemon Salt instead of ordinary salt. Just an idea!

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