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Julie, on 13/3/2021 05:44pm

I love raita and make it quite a lot at home but I can never get it like they make it at my local restaurant. When we have a takeaway their raita has a wonderful sweetness to it...something that I have tried...and replicate. I have tried mango as it seemed the obvious one but was nothing like it, I have tried sugar (!) And I threw it away and yes the most obvious of all....I have asked the restaurant but they wont tell me what they use ? Anyone able to shed light on it please?

Many thanks


Mamta, on 13/3/2021 06:39pm

Anything like this?

I haven't been to an Indian restaurant in a while, so not sure what they are serving these days.

If you could take a picture and post it on mamtaskitchen fb page, I might be able to help


Julie, on 13/3/2021 07:58pm

Hi Mamta

It's just a basic raita but is sweet in flavour. I have just made it with honey and it's nearly the same so think that is what they must use, I just used natural yoghurt, mint sauce, Garam masala and a teaspoon of honey....its lovely and perfect on my roast lamb!


Mamta, on 13/3/2021 08:57pm

Interesting you should say that it is perfect with your roast lamb. When my girls used to live at home many, many moons ago, we always had mint sauce mixed with yoghurt served with toast lamb!


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