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, on 7/1/2021 05:40pm

Hello Martin and Helen

I have Helens direction for pickling written down in a recipe format for you to check out Helen. My previous attempt at sending it to you to check failed. Once ready, it will take me minutes to post it.

Meanwhile, if you pickle any vegetables Helen, can you please take a few pictures?

Best wishes and happy new year to you both.


Helen Bach, on 8/1/2021 03:03pm

Hi Mamta,

don't know why you haven't received my emails!

Method generally looks OK. However, my method is very simple:

Choose veg. very carefully, it must be fresh, and without blemish.

Cut into usable sizes, by which I mean slice cabbage, carrots, ginger, lemons into sizes to be used, (do not put cut pickles back into jar!)

If you can, use jars with plastic sealed tops, as found on some coffee jars. They do not corrode, and have the advantage of being able to 'pop off' if there is a gas build up inside the jar (never happened to, but..). Always label jar with date of pickling.

I put cut washed veg./fruit in jar, add spices if appropriate, just cover with vinegar of choice, but do not fill jar completely. Add about a teaspoon of salt (I use Himalayan salt, no additives) and half a teaspoon of calcium chloride (pickle crisp) food grade, to about a pint of vinegar, but it isn't necessary to be too accurate. I leave the jars of pickle in plain sight in the kitchen or utility room so that I can see that things are proceeding well. After a few weeks, they can be stored, a cool room is best. Pickles should be OK for a year (and I have some onions which are 5 years old, and still crisp!

Spices (often seen in supermarket jars of pickles) really don't add much, as most of the 'flavour chemicals' are not water soluble to any extent. Fresh chillies could be used, if slit open.

Things I have tried (and succeeded at!) include onions, red cabbage, carrots (surprisingly good!), lemons (with and without 'pickle crisp', for Moroccan dishes) and ginger rhizome. The latter I use a little red cabbage colouring to give it a Japanese look. Wonderful flavour.

Note [I have not had success with small whole cucumbers using this method. I think they are brined first.]

I add more if I think of anything. Please look for the pic I sent you, I have a few more of recent pickling!

Mamta, on 9/1/2021 12:48pm

Thanks Helen

I will write all this up when I have some free time and ask you to check it over one more time. Once recipe is on line, I will delete it from here.


Mamta, on 11/1/2021 06:20am

Hello Helen

Here is your recipe;

How to Pickle Onions and Other Vegetables in Vinegar;

Please let me know if any corrections are required.


Ganders, on 11/1/2021 12:46pm

How to Pickle Onions and Other Vegetables in Vinegar?

Helen Bach, on 11/1/2021 03:11pm

the recipe looks OK. My only comment is about quantities. This recipe is not a precise one, and neither should it be. To pickle veg./fruit, I wash and cut them into user friendly sized pieces (not too big!) then put them into 1 pint/half litre glass jars with plastic seal lids. I add salt and pickle crisp, and any spices/chillies. Then I cover with a good quality vinegar for most fruit/veg. and maybe clear malt vinegar for small onions. I don't care if I only have half a bottle of veg/fruit, I just cover it with vinegar, so as to be able to add more if/when more is available.

That is all, really. It a recipe (or procedure) that can be done with appropriate veg./fruit left over from preparing a meal, for example. It doesn't need to be an afternoon's work!

One word of warning. Never put veg./fruit back into the jar, and always use a clean spoon or fork to remove the pickled items. Stainless steel or plastic would be good, other materials would not.


Mamta, on 12/1/2021 05:56pm

Hello Helen

I have added/incorporated all your comments, I think. Please read it again and let me know if I have missed anything.

It usually takes a few attempts to get a recipe right, that is why it is easier to do it via email.

Anyway, here it is again;

How to Pickle Onions and Other Vegetables in Vinegar?


Helen Bach, on 13/1/2021 05:07pm

Hello Mamta,

the recipe looks fine, I'm only a little confused about amounts.

I don't start by preparing 500g of veg/fruit, but add enough to a jar to either nearly fill it, or enough of what I have (left over from preparing a dish). I usually use half litre jars, but have used 1 litre kilner jars.

In the list of ingredients, you have stipulated 1/2 tsp of pickle crisp (calcium chloride, food grade) per pint/half litre, which is about right, but then state 1 tablespoon of salt, which is more than I would normally use. In the method, this reduces to a tsp, which is more like it (doesn't need to be too exact), and don't mention the pickle crisp, which is added along with the salt, but before the vinegar, so that the salts are washed down into the fruit/veg.

Other than that, I wish you happy pickling. Try the carrot, and the ginger!

Mamta, on 15/1/2021 02:19pm

Hello Helen

I finally got around to correcting the recipe. It is always a hit and miss, when one is writing a recipe for someone else. That is why I usually do it via email, much quicker. Anyway, thanks for you patience. I think I have finally sorted it out, please take another look;

How to Pickle Onions and Other Vegetables in Vinegar?

I have a few carrots and a 1/4 of cauliflower, so will try to pickle some, if I get a chance!

Look after yourself!


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