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DER, on 12/3/2006 09:22am

last night we had Chicken Darjeeling( Sliced chicken deep-fried with almond fresh. Spiced cooked with honey and lemon juice in a mild sweet sour sauce. My daughter particule liked it. It look like slices tandoori chicken(ie rather red)in a red sauce. Does any one know the recipe or what is should be called.

Many thanks in avanced.

Mamta, on 12/3/2006 11:56am

The description on some of the web menus for Chicken Darjeeling are;

"Tender pieces of chicken tikka delicately marinated in spices and cooked in a

creamy mild sauce"

"medium strength curry with fried onion rings."

"Chicken Tikka in a creamy sauce".

I couldn't tell you what this dish has to do with Darjeeling, a hill station in India, developed by British during the 'Raj'!

Perhaps you should try the 'Chicken tikka Masala' recipe,, and play around with it, until you get to the taste you are looking for.

Good luck!


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