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Forum Thread - I have a problem with my new besan flour

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(unknown), on 22/7/2019 07:14pm

Hi, I have bought a new pack of besan from which I tried making chilas. But as soon as I added water and salt to besan and stirred it for mixing it well, it started turning sticky. I have never experienced this before. Any ideas of how to improve this?

(unknown), on 24/7/2019 05:10pm

Not really sure, but probably your besan was ground very, very fine. Try adding a small amount on bran (chokar husk from wheat flour) or a bit of whole wheat chapatti flour itself. Not too much, wheat flour is difficult to make Chillas with.

If it does work, use up this lot of besan by making Pakoras or adding a little at a time to you chapatti dough.


PS: We get besan on two or three different thicknesses. I use medium.

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