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(unknown), on 22/7/2019 11:12am

Hi Mamata, sorry if sounds a silly question, when you make your base curry sauces the recipes all say to add whichever ingredient you want, such as beef, chicken salmon etc. should these by pre-cooked of added to the sauce and then cooked in it?

Mamta, on 22/7/2019 05:17pm

unknown), on 22/7/2019 06:16pm

No, I don't precook any of the main ingredients. I get the sauce ready, then lower the heat and add prepared main ingredients, like meat, chicken, fish, precooked chickpeas/Kidney bean family things, other vegetables. Then stir-fry them for a bit, to coat well. In case of meat/chicken curries, brown them a bit, add water as required. Bring to boil and simmer until done. Amount of water depends upon how thick or runny a sauce you want.

(unknown), on 29/7/2019 01:14pm

Hi Mamta, another quick question on the curry sauce number 6.

The recipe shows 1 level teacup (approximately. Of what?

Many thanks,


(unknown), on 1/8/2019 10:26am

if I may answer this, it's the tomatoes!

Also, in the list of ingredients, you mention 'predefined onions', this should be pre-fried, of course, but the typo made me larf.

As a note on panch pooran, in parts of Bengal, they don't use mustard seeds, they use a spice called radhuni or ajmud, or wild celery seed. A suitable substitute is ordinary celery seed, which, although having a little stronger flavour, sits nicely with the rest of the spices.

Mamta, on 2/8/2019 06:10am

Hello TC

I have made it clearer, it is tomatoes, or 1 level teacup approximately, as answered by the next visitor.

I have corrected the 'predefined' onions on the recipe. Sometimes, when I am typing on my mobile, I am not vigilant enough to catch the auto-correct!!

Thank you about that information about panch pooran/phoran, I didn't know that. As I always say, you learn every day, no matter how old you get :).


(unknown), on 2/8/2019 10:27am

Thankyou Mamta and the other writer, I made the sauce a few days ago and it was really nice even if I did manage to burn the garlic as my pot was too hot!

It was very tomatoey as I added a whole tin into it, I'll kmow next time.

(unknown), on 2/8/2019 02:10pm

Hello TC

The amount of tomatoes is a personal choice, you add less if you prefer. Also, tinned/fresh tomatoes are of differing quality. So amount is only approximate.


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