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phil, on 3/4/2018 12:21pm

What with snow yesterday here in the Scottish Borders, and sleet this morning, it's hardly the weather for Turkish/Greek food, but I had some minced pork to spare, and was surprised to read that Greek/Turkish keftedes could be done with pork, not just lamb.

I was also surprised to see that Steve uses grated potato to bind the meatballs, not egg or flour.

They were nice. I did Tzatziki to go with them, adding ground cumin to the mix. That distinction between Greek tzatziki and Indian raita is a continuum: spiced-up tzatziki is raita, really.

Since I had leftover potato, I grated it to do potato straws, to go with Madhoor Jaffrey's Parsee wedding dish (chicken and apricot) tonight.

I'm assuming that the words 'Parsee' and 'Farsi' are related. Of Persian origin, I think.


Mamta, on 4/4/2018 06:11am

You mean Steve's Greek Meat Balls Greek Meatballs or Koftae ?

A lot of Indian kofte, kebabs and burgers etc. also use potatoes or besan-chickpea flour as binding agent.

I think Farsi/Farsee is an Afghan pronunciation of Parsi/Parsee, but not 100% sure.The word is used to describe the language, as well as people.

Hope your chicken apricots was delicious!

Mamta, on 4/4/2018 06:13am

I forgot to mention; Pete has made some changes to the website, so if you want to post a link to one of my recipes, you just have to copy and paste the Sortcode number at the bottom of each recipe.

phil, on 4/4/2018 09:27am

Yes, I mean that Greek meatball recipe, Mamta.

I'd known that Farsi was the name of the language, but didn't know that it was the name of the people.

The chicken and apricot was lovely, thanks. You could cheat by just scrunching up some plain crisps on top of it, but I enjoy doing my own potato straws.

Thanks for the tips re the new format, Mamta.

I think I'll do your chicken jalfrezi this week: it's a winner!


Mamta, on 4/4/2018 04:35pm

When am I going to see some pictures of your food :)? You can share them on facebook

phil, on 5/4/2018 07:08pm

Oh, that's a bit of a challenge for a technophobe like me!

I do lots of photos of food, but usually just email them to friends and family.

I'll have a go!


Mamta, on 5/4/2018 08:13pm


I am terrible with the camera, no one can be worse, but take some to explain what I mean in a recipe ;)!

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