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Forum Thread - suggestion for making egg cubes curry

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R.mounika, on 27/3/2018 07:08am

tomorrow i am going to participate in a cooking competetion in wich i should make egg cubes curry so need some suggestion and recepie to make it ah nice dish

Mamta, on 27/3/2018 02:59pm

Is egg cube curry made with hard boiled eggs cut into cubes and added to a curry sauce/gravy?

This is my egg Curry recipe;

Helen Bach, on 27/3/2018 10:35pm

I think that the egg cube curry is made from steamed omelete, Mamta, I can't remember this as being Indian?

Mamta, on 28/3/2018 07:39am

Thanks Helen, I just googled it. Here is a recipe from Indian master chef Sanjeev Kumar;

One from another master chef of Vah-Re-Vah

Well, I had never come across it before, but why not? It will look a bit like paneer curry.

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