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KatharinaK, on 1/11/2017 01:49pm

Hello! Preparing delicious desserts is my hobby #1 :D Even some of my friends ask me to prepare cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for some holidays as Bday or Halloween. It is such an honor that they trust me and believe in me. But three days ago I've got a problem - my lovely mixer broke. I had been using it for 11 years. Now I don't have any idea, which one to buy. What mixer do you use?

Thanks in advance.

Mamta, on 2/11/2017 06:40am

Hello Kathatrinak

I have following;

Kenwood food processor and blender;

Kenwood HDP406 Hand Blender, 800 W;

Panasonic SD-2511B Multi-Function Bread Maker;

An old hand beater and dough hook, I only use the beater section of this, from Siasnbury's. This does not have a brand name, probably made specially for them once upon a time.

I am very happy with all of them. However, they are not personal recommendation, there are probably a lot of newer, better models.


Anna, on 2/11/2017 12:59pm

I can also recommend this review of hand mixers

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