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Lissy, on 10/2/2006 10:53am

Can I use fresh yeast for the recipe instead of dreid. If so, will the quantities be the same?



Mamta, on 10/2/2006 01:42pm

I think that you use dry yeast at 1/2 the quantity of the fresh yeast, depending upon the quality. I am not absolutely sure! Fresh yeast needs proper storage and looses strength if not stored properly. It's strength can vary. Whereas, dry yeast lasts much longer. I keep my opened packet/tin in a freezer, otherwise it lasts about 3-4 months.

See this site, it has good information:

Others on these boards might be able to give you a better answer.


Mamta, on 10/2/2006 01:43pm

Opps, I forgot! I should have said that you can use fresh yeast in making nans. The ponit is to raise the dough.


AskCy, on 10/2/2006 08:26pm

At a push I've made Naan's with no yeast at all (didn't have any).. so put a good spoon of baking soda in, some yoghurt, oil, salt and pepper... worked out pretty well...

Mamta, on 11/2/2006 08:04am

Yes, it will work. If you use active yoghurt in making the dough, instead of water, and then leave the dough to tise for 5-6 hours, I am sure that will work too. Many ways to kill a cat ;-)!


AskCy, on 11/2/2006 12:52pm

"skin a cat"... LOL but yes many ways...

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