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Forum Thread - Shimla Mirch sabji Only,No potatoes.

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T, on 27/1/2006 12:30pm

HI, could you kindly give me the recipe of just " shimla mirch ".

I got no potaotes at home...only 4-5 small-medium size shimla mirch is availabe along with tomotes and onions ofcourse. I want to make a very tasty subji of shimla mirch with lots of gravy sort of dry to eat with khobas/chappati's. I have never made it in my entire life. If someone could provide me the exact recipe that is easier to follow with exact measurements as Im no expert, would be thankful.

Thank You!

Kavey, on 27/1/2006 06:45pm

Mamta is currently away and will not be able to respond to your query until she gets back. I will make sure she sees it when she gets home.

Kavey, on 27/1/2006 06:46pm

PS Only existing recipe I can find on our site for shimla mirch does include potatoes:

You could try and adapt the recipe to use shimla mirch only?

sia, on 28/1/2006 08:17am


you mentioned that u have tomatoes and onions...this is the simplest way to make shimla mirch..using tomato and onion...

cut shimla mirch in cubes and saute in pan with 2tbsp oil till almost tender..remove from oil and keep aside. make a paste of 2 medim sized onion and fry in the same oil,till golden,then add puree of 1 tomato...keep frying tilloil seperates, add coriander pwdr(1 tsp),red chill pwdr(acc to taste) and salt cook for 2 min..add 2 tbsp water (if gravy is req then add more water)and bring to a boil...finally add the shimla mirch and serv hot.

to save time u can roughy chop the onions and also the tomato.

i use this receipe when i'm in a hurry..tastes good with rice ,chapatti and paratha.

hope u like it

Mamta, on 29/1/2006 03:09am

Hello T

I am still not back home but have a chance today, to check my mail.

Shimla mirch (green pepper/capsicum) can be cooked using any of the vegetable curry recipes. Sia's recipe also sounds good, give it a try. Or, you can use my recipe my daughter Kavey has suggested, omitting the potatoes. You will have to adjust the spices according to total amount of your vegetables.


Divya, on 5/2/2006 08:37pm

My mother in-law makes it with carrots-diced shimla mirch and diced carrots. It is hot and yummy. She uses 'Panch-pooran' tarka.


Deepti Goyal, on 8/2/2006 07:31pm

Along with onions and tomatoes, u also need paneer.

Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a pan. Add cumin seed to it. And then saute 1 chopped onion into it and then add 2 chopped capsicum. When the capsicum becomes tender, add chopped tomatoes. When tomatoes are done, add turmeric powder, salt, red pepper and then add paneer. Remove it from the flame. if u wish u can add a 1/4 cup of milk, so that it does not become very thick.

I hope u enjoy the recipe.


sia, on 8/2/2006 11:53pm


what are the ingredients for panch puran tadka.

does any one know?

sushma, on 16/2/2006 06:02am

the ingredients of paanch pooran are


Mamta, on 16/2/2006 06:55am

Hello Sia

The ingredients for Panch Poora are given here:

Hello Sushma

Mangraila is same as onion seeds/nigella/kalaunji.


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