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AskCy, on 16/1/2006 09:28pm

As I tend to cook for more than just my family at home (often I cook for extended family who visit, friends and my parents and sometimes other branches of the family)

You can imagine over this little selection that you will find one person who won't eat onions, one that doesn't like peppers, one that hates all veg etc...

Well buy a stick blender (hand blender)

Over Christmas I did the usual Turkey Curry that goes to the family party at my parents...

In it I softened onions, peppers and celery then pur?ed the lot with the stick blender. My mum doesn't like peppers, my neice doesn't like onions at all and my brother hates cooked celery...

I then added my spice mix (all freshly ground) and cooked it out, splash of red wine vinegar to de-glaze, topped up with tinned tomatoes and put the turkey left overs in...

cooked out and about 5 mins before taking off the heat I added a tin of (light) coconut milk and corriander leaves. My mum also says she doesn't like coconut flavour in anything.

This was then taken to the party and left on a low heat, to continue is cooking but also to let the smell arouse peoples taste buds...

I might also now point out that the same said neice above doesn't like curry, my sister doesn't like curry and my younger brother doesn't like curry (all mainly because they've tried takeaway curry which tends to be made way to hot in spices..So I make these curries very light on the chilli, probably as little as 1/2 to 1/3 of a tsp of chilli powder in a large pan full)

I didn't really need to point this out, but all those people who don't like those things all ate it... some even had seconds...


Kavey, on 16/1/2006 10:19pm


Mamta, on 29/1/2006 03:31am

This sounds like me adding ground carrots, and several other vegetables, to curries, when Kavey and her sister were young and wouldn't eat some of these vegetables! You didn't know that Kavita, did you? ;-)!

Kavey, on 29/1/2006 01:55pm

Yes, we did in many cases but the flavour was disguised enough that it didn't spoil the taste so it was OK!

Anyway, I was pretty good with vegetables - I can't stand broccoli but most of the other stuff is OK!

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