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Katchen, on 15/1/2006 08:58pm

Wow - just had the best pakoras ever!

Thanks very much for the recipe:

Kavey, on 16/1/2006 03:55pm

Glad to hear they came out well - Mamta will appreciate it. She's currently away but will certainly pleased to read your post when she gets back!


Mamta, on 29/1/2006 03:35am

Send some over here, we all love them!


Kavey, on 29/1/2006 01:54pm

Onion and aubergine are my two favourite pakora ingredients!

Mamta, on 29/1/2006 04:26pm

Mine too! Slurp, slurp!! I Love aubergine ones!

Chachi is making Chick peas and bhaturas today! She says come over!


Kavey, on 29/1/2006 05:29pm

When they invent a Star Trek teleport device to beam me over without cost or time then I'll come! In the meantime I can definitely do without driving to the airport, waiting there for several hours, sitting on the plane for even more hours, going through immigration and then driving to chachi's house!!

AskCy, on 31/1/2006 10:38pm

I know I should really just search the site and see... but do Cheese Pakoras exist?.. (I know I've made them using English Chedder cheese, and I presume the Greek Haloumi would work well as its hard enough to be fried).. just wondering if its been done with paneer?

Mamta, on 1/2/2006 03:12am

Hi Steven

See Paneer Pakora at

Cheeses that melt when heated, will be difficult to make into pakoras, I think! If you make them and they come out nice, do let me know. Don't forget to take pictures, you are good at it.


AskCy, on 2/2/2006 07:44pm

Next time I'm making pakoras (which to be honest isn't often as I make a real mess with it dripping all over)...

Mamta, on 3/2/2006 11:19am

Hello Steven

I can't imagine a seasoned cook like you making a mess in your kitchen ;-)! Next time, hod the bowl of batter right next to the wok, lift a battered piece and drop it gently from the side of the pan.


AskCy, on 4/2/2006 12:54pm

I know I should but you just start to rush and get it everywhere.. LOL.. well I do...

Divya, on 5/2/2006 08:35pm

I too make a mess of my cooker when I make pakoras! My mum doesn't.


Katchen, on 15/2/2006 04:06pm

I thought you might like to know that the pakoras made quite a stir at a potluck dinner party I went to - It was really last minute & I had nothing in but the last of my home grown veg & chillies from last year, & the gram flour so the pakora recipe was perfect!

I must admit, I couldn't bear to reheat them so just made them fresh and borrowed the extremely nice & swish deep fryer they had there, but they all went very fast - and there was some really good food there that night too :)

Katchen, on 15/2/2006 04:07pm

...I made a bit of mess of their cooker though!

Kavey, on 15/2/2006 04:33pm

Good to hear they went down so well!

Mum did the same for a party this weekend past. She part cooked them all and then, I think, deepfried them again briefly once she arrived at the hosts' house just before serving .

Pete and I stopped at our parents' house on the way to visit friends late that morning and so were treated to fresh, hot pakoras during our brief visit - what an unexpected but delicious treat!!!

Mamta, on 15/2/2006 05:00pm

Hi Katchen

I am glad your pakoras were a hit. As Kavet says, I made some last week-end. I actually re-fried them at the friend's house. I took the oil that I had fried them in first time, so I did not have to waste any more of their fresh oil. They disappeared very fast too, served with geen mint chutney


Katchen, on 17/2/2006 05:20pm

That chutney looks delish Mamta - thanks, I'll try that next time :)

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