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Gary Barnes, on 20/12/2005 01:08pm

I recently bought some long thin thai purple aubergine from a local grocer. The colour looks beautiful when the veg is fresh but when you cook it it goes back to the usual black aubergine colour. Do you know if it is possible to cook it whilst retaining its colour?

Mamta, on 21/12/2005 10:10am

Hello gary

Aubergines do get darker when cooked. I don't know a definitive answer to this. If you find out, please let us know.

Here are a few facts about aubergines, some gleaned from the www, which might be of interest;

1. Cook in a non stick pan, not aluminium one. This stops them from turning dark.

2. A sprinkle of salt and lemon juice may help to retain colour, worth a try!We Indians (and others) often salt the cut aubergines for an hour or longer before frying/cooking, sometimes adding turmeric to salt. This is mainly to reduce bitterness but I wonder if this helps to retain some colour too!

3. Bitterness: Sprinkling salt before cooking is supposed to remove the bitterness. Although most modern aubergines are not bitter, I still do it, out of habit. Peeling skin off will also reduce bitterness, if there is any.

4. To stop fat absorption by their spongy flesh, a) coat slices with flour/beaten egg/bread crumbs. b) Microwave slices for 10-20 seconds (tip from BBC food message board) before frying. c) Place slices in boiling water for 1 minute. Drain and towel dry before frying, to avoid fat splattering everywhere!

5. When baking whole aubergines or roasting it on direct flame, as in making aubergine mash dishes, remember to make a few stab wound in each aubergine. This will stop them from .exploding.!


Angela, on 6/1/2006 01:29pm

Hi Gary

I am afraid there is no way to retain their colour, unless you add preservatives.


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