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Silk, on 17/12/2005 07:56am

received 5th December

hi mamta,

i have been reading and using your recipes for couple of months now. honestly speaking, they have been really helpful to me as i am still naive in this expertise. i would request you to kindly help me out with the recipe of kulcha. i could not find this one through search query. also advise, is there any difference between makin of kulcha or naan.

pls advise asap.

thankyou so much in advance for your help and assistance.



Mamta, on 17/12/2005 07:59am

Replied 6th December 2005

I don't have kulcha recipe on site, just looked. I will try to write it down for you this afternoon.


Mamta, on 17/12/2005 08:02am

Sent 15th December

Hello Puneet

Kulchas recipe is now on site. It took me a while to write it. To write a recipe, I have to measure everything, unlike when I make it for everyday!



Silk, on 17/12/2005 08:04am

15th December

Hi Mamta,

Thankyou so much for this recipe. wil certainly let you know wen i try this one out.

moreover, i did try your one of three naan recipes u hav on site...i tried it wid all purpose flour n topped with chopped coriander while bakin them..n it turned out to b just great. everybody loved them here.

p.s. hey, another query...any idea abt cream chicken but not cream of of them r quite different from each other. i had cream chicken over at dinner at my friend's place..i cant now remember the recipe. all i know is its easy n quick to make. pls do let me know abt this one too.

thanks once again for takin ur time out for me n assisting me.



Mamta, on 17/12/2005 08:07am

Glad to hear that your nans were good. I made the kulchas yesterday, they came out well. They are so easy to make, I had never got round to writing the recipe before.

May be you are looking for butter chicken recipe?

Chicken curry with saffron is also quite creamy and easy to make;

If you post your query on the forum, sometimes other regulars also give you good recipes of their own. You don't have to register to use the forum.

I will post the thread for you now, keep an eye on replies.


Silk, on 17/12/2005 08:12am

16th December

hi mamta,

i have found this chicken malai from bawarchi site, which is very much like cream chicken. thought better to share it with you as well.

Methi Chicken Malai


Chicken - 800 gm

Thick curd (yoghurt) without water - 1 cup

Ginger & garlic paste - 2 tbsp

Onion chopped (finely) - 1 cup

Methi leaves - 1 1/2 cup

Garam masala (sabut) - Elaichi, dalchini, cloves (4 each)

Coriander Pwdr - 2 tbsp

Oil - 4 tbsp

Turmeric - 1 tsp

Green chilli chopped (finely) - 2 tbsp

Pepper pwdr - 1/2 tsp

Garam masala (readymade) - 1 tsp

Salt -to taste

Fresh cream - 1/2 cup


1.Marinate chicken with curd, ginger & garlic paste, turmeric & salt. Keep it aside for half an hour

2.First saute sabut (whole) garam masala in oil.

3.Fry onion chopped. When it is soft (not red) add green chilli chopped.

4.After that add methi leaves. Mix till 8 to 10 mts. Then add coriander pwdr & marinated chicken in "HIGH" flame.

5.When chicken softens, add garam masala & pepper pwdr. When it boils cover it for 10 mts.

6.Lastly add fresh cream. (Add water if necessary) Serve hot.

thanks a lot once again.

take care.



Mamta, on 17/12/2005 08:14am

16th December

It is difficult to comment on a recipe working or not exactly, but it looks good, give it a try. Adding methi leaves (get dry ones if you can't find fresh ones) to a meat/chicken/fish curry adds to the flavour. I am sure it will work. Watch the chillies though, 2 tbs. of hot green chillies may be too much.


Silk, on 17/12/2005 08:16am

16th December 2005

hi Mamta,

you r rite abt dried methi leaves - they add to the flavor be it chicken or aloo curry. i feel two chopped green chillies would be fine 'cos we r adding half cup of cream which would balance the hotness of the chillies.

also..wat do u think of addin can skip this 1 tbsp as i think the color of the chicken should be offwhite or cream..not yellow for the cream chicken, isnt it.

thankyou for the feedback.

take care



Mamta, on 17/12/2005 08:18am

16th December

Hi Silk

Your recipe says 1 tsp. turmeric, not 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. will be far too much in any case.

You can make it without turmeric. I would then put some sweet paprika, to give it a nice, pink...ish curry colour. Let me know how it comes.


Has anyone else any suggestions?

Aditi Sharma, on 17/12/2005 08:44pm

Hello there

I make cream chicken; Make any nice chicken curry and then add double cream. , Heat it through well just before serving. I do the same with a few other dishes, like Dal makhani, Lamb curry etcetera.


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