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Ajay from Canada, on 9/12/2005 04:57pm


I am looking for recipes related to

indian cooking methods.

1)thuvatel method

2)piratel method

3)varuvel method

4)sothi recipe

5)kulambu recipe

6)plain thosay (all varieties

7)rava thosay (all varieties

I know i am asking a lot , any one can help.

Thanking all in advance.

Mamta, on 9/12/2005 04:59pm

Hello Ajay

These are all South Indian foods, I think. You will find only 'thosay', spelled as Dosa, on my site. Have you tried googling for them? Perhaps your spellings are different from their commonly used names.

I will post your question on the forum, but doubt that many people would have heard of them.


Angela, on 6/1/2006 01:16pm

Have you tried searching on the net?


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