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Mamta, on 29/9/2005 03:22pm

Dear Mamta

Thanks for a love and extensive site full of recipes!!!

Planning a dinner with an Indian theme (8 pers.), trying to think of what

goes and what would be considered as good matches with what goes with what

and more importantly what would be traditional combined in an Indian

household. I checkout the tips section and kindly request you to make some

further menu suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Stella aka Sundrystar

Mamta, on 29/9/2005 03:30pm

Dear stella

If you have mixed company, that is vegetarians, non-vegetarians, Hindus and Muslimsetc., the best options will be:

1. A lamb or chicken dish, any of the curries you like from this site. Omit beef and pork all together.

2. If you make lamb curry, make tandoori chicken or tandoori fish with it.

3. If you make chicken curry, make lamb kebabs or fish (Vimal.s spicy fish is very nice) with it.

4. Tandoori paneer for vegetarians; Same marinade as for chicken tandoori can be used to make tandoori paneer or see the recipe on this site.

5. Make either a dal or a vegetable curry with gravy, like Matar paneer. If it is lunch, perhaps dal is more traditional, make Matar paneer for dinner. You can make Chickpea curry or Kidney Bean curry instead.

6. Make one dry (without gravy) bhaji like potato and cauliflower or potato and aubergine or okra (bhindi) bhaji etc. They are many vegetable recipes on site.

7. Make one raita from Raita Selection

8. Make rice like Plain Pulao (pilaf) rice or Peas Pulao rice.

9. Make chapatties/nans for lunch and parathas/poories for dinner. Or buy ready made nan.s.

10. For dessert, you can serve fresh mangoes or a fruit salad, with vanilla ice-cream or Kulfi India ice-cream. Or make Indian rice pudding or vermicelli milk pudding.

Most of the dishes, except rice and chapatties, can be made a day before, leaving you free to arrange other things on the day of the party.

You can serve tandoori chicken/tandoori fish/spicy fish as a tarter, on a bed of lettuce.

Perhaps other readers will have some more ideas!

Have a great party! Let us know how you got on and what did you decide to make in the end.

Best wishes


Sudnrystar, on 3/10/2005 12:08pm

Thank you for the information.

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