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Ganders, on 12/8/2005 03:53pm

As some of you may have noticed, we've made a couple of improvements to the way the forums work.

First and biggest, there is now a name field when you're posting; put your name in there and people will be able to see who said what!

Secondly, the threads are now sorted so that the threads with the most recent replies will appear at the top of the list.


Mamta, on 12/8/2005 04:30pm

Thanks Pete

It is good to see the name of the poster. I keep forgetting to sign mine!!

Putting the last post on the top of Forum will certainly make life easier!


AskCy, on 13/8/2005 10:32am

things are starting to roll... excellent

Thanks, Steve

Kav, on 17/8/2005 03:56pm

The reason it's taking so long is that this redesign is going to introduce some new functionality which not only requires a LOT of new coding but also will require quite a lot of work adapting each recipe currently on the site.

We're going to start listing ingredients and amounts (plus free text instruction on each item) in such a way that users will be able to search according to what they have in the fridge - e.g. "show me recipes which use tomatoes, chicken and spinach" etc.

It will also mean that we can enter a field saying how many a recipe will serve by default and provide an option for users to multiply up or down for different serving amounts.

All sorts of stuff like that.

So it's taking a long time to code as it's all done between paying work!

Please bear with us - we think it will be worth it!


AskCy, on 17/8/2005 06:51pm

If you ask me, that sounds a like its going to be well worth the wait..

infact if you manage to sort out all the database behind it all and the front end code, its going to be one of the best (most useful, userfriendly) recipe based sites I've ever seen...

ps see if you can copyright the code and market it, I'm sure other recipe based (and possibly other data based) sites would be interested in using something as flexible as that...


Kavey, on 19/8/2005 11:30am

Steve, thanks so much for the support.

I know it must seem like we're always saying "it's coming, it's coming" but we really are working on it (mostly Pete at the moment) in between the day job stuff!

Hadn't thought of marketing the coding/ database but that's a great idea, we'll look into it, thank you!

More updates when we can,


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