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On 2/8/2023 01:55pm, Jayashree posted:

Hello. I was brought to this page to find answers for the same question everyone here as been discussing. Why chilka urad turns green after soaking overnight? I am somewhat reassured to read the responses here. Thanks. I have also tried using this chilka urad to grind idli dosa batter. This doesn't require it to be soaked overnight. So the urad didn't turn green nor the skin loosened off the dal. So I got grey coloured batter which fermented beautifully and yielded proper idlis and dosas. If it had indeed been moong dal, I wouldn't have got authentic tasting idlis and dosas. By the way I won't recommend idli dosa made with chilka urad, if taste and looks are important for you. It tastes heavier than the regular ones and doesn't look pretty as well compared to the white urad ones. But I am sure it is healthier.

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