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On 4/9/2005 04:15pm, Mamta posted:

Hi Cinnamon

.Branching. dishes into vegetarian/non-vegetarian after initial cooking is quite simple, e.g.:

Make curry sauce, then add it to meat in one pan and vegetable of choice/paneer in another.

Make Biryani masala, add half to meat and half to your selected vegetable/paneer mix and then cook with rice in 2 separate pans.

Make bolognaise sauce, add half to meat and other half to Soya mince or chopped (peeled) aubergine/courgettes.

For a roast meal, do your normal roast for meatarians and a small vegeburger type of thing for vegetarians. All other vegetables remain common.

Most vegetarians don.t mind having less .choice., if the majority is non-vegetarian. Just think of your main dish and see what can you make that is similar and can be adapted.

Hope this helps


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